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Please Read Before Purchasing Our Product


AntBuster.com is a independent distributor of OK Ant Killer™ ant bait product. As such, AntBuster.com DOES NOT WARRANTY THE SAFETY or the effectiveness of the product mentioned on this website. Any warranty or guarantee of safety, merchantability or fitness for any particular use lies solely with the manufacturer.

The recommendations for OK Ant Killer™ use for ants' problem on this website or recommendations made via the direct email are for general information purposes only. Our recommendations are based on limited knowledge of your area, your home or business, environment factors, ants' identity and population as well as numerous other factors and are extremely general and limited in nature.

Our product is sold worldwide and it is impossible to know every licensing restriction, product registration, etc. for every country, county, state, city or province. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to provide a license or permit - if requested by the user's local authorities.

Note: OK Ant Killer™ ant bait is lab tested to be HARMLESS TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS.

Nevertheless, AntBuster.com is under the assumption that its customers or users are of sound mind, can read and interpret English (all explanation in this website are written in English), and that customers or users assumes all responsibility for purchase and safe, proper and legal use of the product they purchased. It should be kept out of children's reached at all times! AntBuster.com will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any misused of the product that leads to any harmful effects or causing death to humans and animals.

This disclaimer is a legally binding contract between AntBuster.com and its paying customers or users. This disclaimer may be updated from time to time without any prior notice.

* Remark: Please be aware of any laws in your country pertaining to the content or subject matter of the item that you are ordering. AntBuster.com shall not be held responsible for customs seizures as a result of materials being considered illegal in your country. Please be aware of what can and cannot be imported into your country prior to ordering.

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