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Frequent Asked Questions

Antbuster.com Product FAQs

Order, Shipping and Handling FAQs

If you feel that your questions have not been answered, feel free to e-mail us at orders@antbuster.com. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours.

Antbuster.com Product FAQs

What is OK Ant Killer ant bait?

OK Ant Killer ant bait is a new improved formula insecticide specifically design to eliminate any type of ants. It works even more effectively than the former Kill Ants Bait Dosage™. It is specifically formulated to attract and poison, hence wipe out the entire ants colony.

In addition, during preliminary lab tests - it was accidentally discovered that OK Ant Killer ant bait has adverse effectives in killing cockroaches as well. So, if you happen to have some leftovers of OK Ant Killer ant bait, then use them against the cockroaches if they appear to enter your home. Who knows, you just might save a couple $$ looking for a cockroach solution.

Why replaced Kill Ants Bait Dosage with OK Ant Killer?

We at AntBuster.com is ever ready and committed to bring our customers good quality workable ant bait product. Our manufacturer has produced a new improved ant bait product with a new packaging that has replaced Kill Ants Bait Dosage™.

If there will ever be a more effective ant killer than OK Ant Killer ant bait, we will certainly bring it to your attention.

What should I do with my existing Kill Ants Bait Dosage?

You can still use your existing Kill Ants Bait Dosage although we have started selling our new improved formula OK Ant Killer ant bait. Kill Ants Bait Dosage is our former best selling ant bait and has similar effects.

What form is OK Ant Killer ant bait in?

OK Ant Killer ant bait is neither in liquid or powder. The moment you open the packet, the content will look exactly like tiny pieces of crushed peanuts, specifically in form of granular. What you need to do is to pour a small amount on a small thin piece of paper and lay it within the ant trails.

How safe is OK Ant Killer ant bait? Can I use it when I have children and pets at home?

The active ingredients used to formulate OK Ant Killer comprises both organic and man-made subtances, as follows:

  • Tetramethrin 0.45%
  • Alphacypermethrin 0.02%
  • Less than 5 µg/g (Compliance to Poison Act Requirements of <10 µg/g)

The toxin concentration in OK Ant Killer ant bait is significantly lower than you can imagine if you were to compare against any insecticides and repellents sold at your local retails. It's actually 100% RISKED-FREE unless being consumed. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after use before handling any food.

While OK Ant Killer ant bait is relatively low in toxin concentration and safe compared to conventional insecticides and repellents, we recommend that you take necessary pre-cautions to keep them out of reach of children at all times. To ensure safety to your children and pets, we recommend that you use OK Ant Killer ant bait in areas that are not reachable by them. Remember to store any unused packets or leftovers out of their reach at all times!

Lab results have confirmed that it is generally non-toxic to animals and humans unless its being consumed at large quantities!

Can I use OK Ant Killer ant bait outdoors?

Yes, you can certainly use OK Ant Killer ant bait outdoors as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Avoid from windy areas so that the ant bait is not blown away.
  • Use OK Ant Killer ant bait on dry surfaces only. Wet surfaces will weaken the ant bait effectiveness

OK Ant Killer ant bait is odorless and does not emit any residue, hence it is environmental friendly. At times, you will need to increase the application dosage to regain its effectiveness as though you are using it indoors.

How do I store OK Ant Killer ant bait?

OK Ant Killer ant bait has a shelf life of one year. You must store any unused portion in a cool dry place and be sure to keep away from moisture condition.

Order, Shipping and Handling FAQs

Do you sell and ship to my country?

Yes, we sell and ship worldwide with a fixed flat shipping rate of US$4.00. Please read the disclaimer.

So, why are you still waiting? Go ahead and order now from our authorized payment service provider secured website - PayPal!

What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal is the authorized card payment service provider for Antbuster.com. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, including American Express, Visa, Discover/Novus, Mastercard, Dinners and JCB. All payments are made in US Dollars. International credit card orders will be billed in U.S. Dollars the day that your order is submitted.

To view the current exchange rate for your currency against the U.S Dollars, please click here.

Why have you moved your payment service provider to PayPal?

Our product was previously resold and all online secured payments were processed via 2Checkout.com Inc, Ohio, USA. Nevertheless, we've received requests from our past customers in introducing a far more secured online payment facility. Some have expressed their concerns about the exposure of their credit card billing information over the Internet.

Hence, with PayPal, you as a customer have the option to either sign-up for a secured online PayPal account (all your credit card billing information will be stored within PayPal) or to continue your purchase using the conventional online purchasing method (by inputing your credit card billing information while completing the order process). Please rest assure that both options are equiped with fraud detection and prevention security via PayPal.

Product Packaging

All orders are packed in different way depending on the order quantity. We use protective measures to ensure that you will receive your items in good conditions.

Shipping and Handling Charges

AntBuster.com will always try to ship the product to you within the shortest time frame at the minimum cost. For these reasons, we only charge a flat rate of US$4.00 per-order quantity to ship to any part of the world. We try our best to make it cost effective for all our worldwide customers.

How will I know whether my order is successful?

You will basically receive two e-mail notifications. It is important that you always allow your e-mail spam filter to accept incoming e-mails from orders@antbuster.com and support@antbuster.com .

Upon successful credit card payment transaction, our authorized payment service provider - PayPal will e-mail you to confirm your order. Once we have processed and shipped your order, you will again received another e-mail containing a computer generated invoice from us at Antbuster.com (usually after 2 to 3 days from the date you placed the order).

Any consent regarding the delay of shipment or availability of an item will be notified via e-mail.

How will you process my order?

Your order will be shipped via registered air-mail after your payment have been confirmed. It usually takes about 2 to 3 business days for credit card transactions to be cleared. Antbuster.com ships on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and sometimes on Saturdays.

E.g., if you made an order on Monday and your credit card is good, your order will be shipped out on Wednesday evening. If you happen to make your order on a Friday or during the weekend, your order will be shipped either late Monday or early Wednesday, on the following week.

If you place an order and then noticed of an error, please do not hesitate to e-mail us immediately at orders@antbuster.com (within 24 hours) so that we may correct your order.

When can I expect to receive my order?

Since we won't know which part of the world you are from until you have made the order, therefore on average it takes roughly 7 to 13 business days for your order to reach your given address, especially if you are an international customer. The reason that it takes a while for your order to arrive because it basically needs to undergo customs inspection, clearance and etc, in your country of origin.

What happens if my order does not arrive on the expected date?

We will make every effort to ensure that you will receive your order at the expected date. However, once your order is en-route, it is beyond Antbuster.com control on the delivery time.

In very rare cases, there is a posibility that your order get lost or stolen while on air transit. We have taken every effort to register your package, making sure that it arrives at your destination on time. Please kindly give an allowance of at least 14 business days before e-mailing us at orders@antbuster.com. Note: Ensure that your e-mail spam filter allows incoming mails from antbuster.com .

Once we have received your complaint, we will require at least two payment cycles (about 10 business days) to confirm with our courier agent that your order has been lost. We will then issue a full refund (inclusive of shipping and handling cost) directly to your credit card via PayPal. Alternatively, you will always have the option to request for a re-send of the order if you are still interested in trying out the product.

Stock Availability

As our commitment towards our customers, we try our best to ensure that the product is always available and ready to be shipped.

However, due to delays from our manufacturer, the product may become out of stock and become backordered. This happens mostly during springtime and summer when the ants infestations are at the peak.

They will be shipped to you once we receive the stocks from our manufacturer, with no additional shipping charges. We'll notify you via e-mail to obtain your prior consent or to cancel the order upon your request.

I would like to cancel my order and request for a refund

You can cancel, refuse and return the order anytime but place take note of the following cancellation situations.

There are basically two situations for order cancellation:

  • Order has been received but not processed and shipped yet - Cancellation of order can be made within 24 day after the order was placed. Kindly notify us by e-mail at orders@antbuster.com . Any notification to cancel an order received after 1 day will be deemed as void and the order will be considered as a successful transaction. You will then needed to pay a cancellation fee of US$1.50 per-order from the total amount of your order for processing and banker's fees. Please contact us as early as possible if you changed your mind.
  • Order has been processed and shipped - you will need to wait until the package arrives from local post office. Then simply refuse the package so that it will eventually return to our company. You will always have the option to try it since we are offering a money-back guaranteed. Upon receiving the return package (usually takes 7 to 13 business days), we will issue a full un-conditional refund directly to your credit card via PayPal, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Please allow at least 2 payment cycles (about 10 business days) for the refund to appear in your credit card statement.

I have tried the product and I am not entirely satisfied. I want a refund.

As mentioned clearly in our ordering page, we will honor our unconditional money-back guarantee policy regardless of any reason. All we asked is for you to send back any leftover whether it is opened or unopened to our company.

We are not attempting to cause you any hassle. It is basically due to the fact of recent increased in Internet fraudulent cases by some dishonest buyers. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Customs Fees, Import Duties and Tariffs

International shipments may be subjected to additional custom fees and duties. We do not pre-bill any import duties, customs fees or tariffs imposed by various government on the product. Import duties and taxes may be applied to certain countries and varies from country to country. In the event that customs fees is incurred for customs clearance or import sales tax is levied on deliveries, the charges shall be borne by the customer.

Normally, we will do our best to package your order as a gift to avoid from any tax.

It is recommended for shoppers to clarify the customs laws and regulations with the local authorities to obtain specific information.

We always mark your parcels shipped via postal delivery as 'Gift' or 'Commercial Samples' to help you reduce the chances of having to pay additional fees as a result of customs fees, import duties or tariffs levied on the parcel.

* Remark: Please be aware of any laws in your country pertaining to the content or subject matter of the item that you are ordering. AntBuster.com shall not be held responsible for customs seizures as a result of materials being considered illegal in your country. Please be aware of what can and cannot be imported into your country prior to ordering.


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