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How can this New Improved Formula OK Ant Killer™ make a difference?

Easy to use, MORE effective than ever before and yet still affordable solution.
It offers a more permanent solution than broadcast applications of spray pesticides.
Many consumer available products just don't work, often only temporarily reducing populations.
Requires only a small amount of bait content to vanquish an entire ant colony.
Result last compared to conventional pesticides that merely repels ants from a specific location.
DO NOT required to mixed with other substence like food content (i.e. honey) to work, compared to some other existing pesticides.
Still works while there is a limited or small amount of competing food sources in that area (i.e. a cup of fruit juice in the kitchen), compared to existing baits.
Can be used to poison cockroaches. (Note: This is not the primary function)
Affordable compared to other insect repelling devices that cost as high as US$69.95

OK Ant Killer™ - The New Improved Formula to kill ants and believe it or not - it really works!

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OK Ant Killer ant bait is most effective to all types of ground crawling ants such as fire ants, carpenter ants, pavement ants, tiny yellow ants, common black ants, argentina ants and etc . It was designed specifically to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the entire ants colony, once and for all!

With this New Improved Formula ant bait, you can even get rid of your ants problems
much faster and more effectively! As always, we have physically tested the OK Ant Killer ant bait in our own homes. This product is nothing compared to conventional existing ant baits out there in the retails.

OK Ant Killer™ is 100% easy to use that will vanquish a specific ants colony within 1 to 3 days.

kill ant bait dosage, former best selling organic ant bait

Our former best selling "Kill Ants Bait Dosage™"



"Gentlemen: On March 25, 2004 I ordered 12 sachets of OK Ant Killer. The order was processed immediately. The order arrived precisely on the date indicated and the application of a single sachet on the counter top apparently rid the premises of ants immediately and permanently. I am amazed. That is probably the most responsive service and the most outstanding performance of any product I have ever purchased. Since I am 72 years old, you can imagine I have purchased quite a few. You are to be commended. I enthusiastically endorse your efficacious product and your responsive customer service. Note that this is only the second time I have written such a letter in those 72 years."

David A. Reedy (Order No. 28871-15057569),
Annandale, USA. (OK Ant Killer™) - 2004

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  How does it work?

1. OK Ant Killer ant bait works by causing hallucination effect to the ants that fed on the bait. These ants will then return to their colony and start attacking and killing each other.

2. At the same time, OK Ant Killer ant bait contains a small amount of poison harmful only to insects. It provides a backup solution to gradually and slowly killing the ants once they reached their colony. This will allow the foraging ants time to feed the Queen ant and the rest of the colony, known as "Trophallaxis process", thus wiping out the colony once and for all.

3. Although OK Ant Killer ant bait works while competing food sources are around, but we at Antbuster.com recommends that you removed the competing food sources from the baiting area. This will ensure best and fastest results.

Steps on applying OK Ant Killer ant bait:

1. Just like our former product, this new improved formula OK Ant Killer ant bait is easy to use! Each 3 gm sachet of OK Ant Killer ant bait can be used for approximately 2 to 3 applications, depending on the size of the infestation area.

2. For typical baiting, a small quantity of OK Ant Killer ant bait is all that is needed. You can place the bait on a small thin piece of paper and leave it where you discovered the ants or within the ants trail. The second option is to sprinkle the ant bait directly infestation area or within the ants trail.

3. You DO NOT necessarily need to search for the ants colony. OK Ant Killer ant bait contains an active ingredient that attracts the ants, as long as you place it within the ants trail. You do not need to mix Ok Ant Killer ant bait with other sweet food.

4. You will notice that the bait will gradually reduced. If you do happen to discover the ants corpse, they are most likely in the form of tiny bits and pieces. As the results, you will no longer see re-infestation and actually last for months!


"Ants get hallucinated and kill among themselves! I thought this was truely redicious. So, I decided to give it a try. I am pleased that I don't see anymore ants crawling around my house."

Mrs J. Lawson, Tx, USA. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™) - 2002

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Is it safe to handle?

OK Ant Killer ant bait contains the following:

  • Tetramethrin 0.45%
  • Alphacypermethrin 0.02%
  • Less than 5 µg/g (Compliance to Poison Act Requirements of <10 µg/g)

That's right. Consider the fact that using insecticide sprays or other insect repelling solutions that contains higher rates of chemical and poison!

OK Ant Killer ant bait is perfectly safe to handle with hands. OK Ant Killer ant bait is environmental friendly whereby it does not emit any residue and it is odorless. We tell you this because we are using it at home.


"After using it and having seen the results, I personally feel it's a small price to pay if you're thinking of the safety to your love ones"

Brandon Keast, Qld, Australia. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™) - 2002

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Nearly all over the counter ant baits sold at retailers and hardware stores DO NOT contain the same effective attractants and active ingrediants used in the improved formula OK Ant Killer. Millions of dollars have been wasted by consumers each year on over the counter ant bait products that simply don't work, just BECAUSE OF THE PACKAGING AND ADVERTISEMENTS APPEARED CONVINCING!

For this reason, AntBuster.com is dedicated to bring you the finest quality ant killing product and now this new improved formula - OK Ant Killer ant bait.

Click here to order OK Ant Killer™ now and say good bye to all your frustrations and worries! Each 3 gm packet of OK Ant Killer ant bait is the ultimate and amazing ant killer that wipes out all the ants in your area within a couple of days.

Starting from 2002, we've bundled each pack of 12 sachets of this new improved formula OK Ant Killer at a promotional price of US$14.99 (Previously sold in packs of 5 sachets at US$9.99) as an incentive to our first 1,000 customers. We've achieved that and we've helped more than 1,000 customers globally to rid themselves and surroundings of ants problem. Our customers have enjoyed a summer that is free of ants. Most importantly, we also have received the testimonials that we wanted globally. Click for more on what our customers have to say...

Since we're now confident that OK Ant Killer ant bait works no matter which part of the world you live in and we've cost savings while marketing OK Ant Killer ant bait over the Internet, that is why we are prepared to offer each pack of 12 sachets of OK Ant Killer to you at this special price of US$14.99. You only need to pay an additional of US$5.00 (Previously sold in packs of 5 sachets at US$9.99) to get a total of 12 sachets (a cost savings of an overall of US$8.99), and still enjoy the same incentive as our past customers that ordered directly from Antbuster.com.

So, what do you get for that price?

1. YOU can GET RID of ants for MONTHS, OR EVEN YEARS!

2. We are now selling OK Ant Killer ant bait at an EVEN MORE affordable price than our former best selling product - Kill Ants Bait Dosage, and that is US$14.99.


"We were all so frustrated trying to get rid ot the ants that were trying to take resident in our home. Started in the bathroom, moved to the my master bedroom, then to the kitchen cabinets, the floor and when they were on the kitchen table I had to do something, the rest of the family was looking at me! Well I searched the 'net' and found ANTBUSTER.com. Read the FYI and took the leap to get them out of the house. I should tell you that I was using Windex to kill them and then the ants would call the calvary and really bring the army into the house.

My small package arrived via postal carrier - followed the instructions by placing the powder right in the line of their tracking back and forward and waited for morning to come - COULD NOT BELIEVE IT - NOT ONE SINGLE ANT IN THE HOUSE- the ones outside had disappeared. Now I know that they have gone on to kill themseleves and that queen making them so fast.

I forgot to place the eventful time that it took to see them out our home. TWO DAYS after the delivery date. I went to the garage and the line of ants were just not there! We are very happy I do mean happy people here in Los Angeles, CA
I plan to telling all that will listen.....

Thanks AntBuster you made the JONES HOUSEHOLD BELIEVERS - I am glad that I purchased 12 packets at one time."

Katherine Jones
(OK Ant Killer™) - 2003

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How do we position our product?

Although we priced OK Ant Killer ant bait slightly higher than some insecticide baits out in the retail, we only sell quality workable products that produce results! As always, we Do Not attract our users with cheap pricing merely to increase our sales because OK Ant Killer ant bait REALLY WORKS! GUARANTEED!

Our product is only 3 gm per packet and it's quantity is considerably little compared to most retail ant baits. Furthermore, it is NOT packaged in an attractive way as in the retails. Therefore, you might think that you are overcharged for it! Think again. Although you can purchase a 1 kg of brand X ant bait with an attractive packaging from a retail outlet for as low as USD$4.00. The questions is - does it really resolve your problems OR it just merely gave you a short term solution?


WARNING! - updated 06/23/2004

Begining from August 2002 till recent, we discovered some websites starting to sell ant baits that claimed to work exactly the same as OK Ant Killer™ and produced similar results at lower cost! However, some of their buyers have mistakenly forwarded complaints and returns on their products to our company. We have genuine e-mails as evidence to our statement.

We DO NOT have any relationship nor affiliation with those websites. OK Ant Killer™ has been awarded a patent (No# 01902768405) and solely distributed by Hong Kong Po Kee Trading Co. Ltd., clearly printed on the product package.


We would like to differentiate OK Ant Killer™ ant bait and Antbuster from other ant killer websites.

  OK Ant Killer™ Other Brand X Ant Killer
Label and Instructions Our product branding and usage instructions are printed clearly in English on each packet.

You will noticed that other websites selling similar product, claimed to have the same effectiveness as OK Ant Killer™, with instructions written in Foreign Languages.

  • Very dangerous to even let loose a single packet at home since most of us only understand English.
  • Are you sure you are actually getting exactly what you paid for by just by looking at the package?
  • Most likely you won't know how to use it since you'd most probably won't understand the instructions.

Antbuster.com DOES NOT compete in a price war. We pride ourselves by bringing you QUALITY and WORKABLE product at the most REASONABLE price, and that is OK Ant Killer™ ant bait.

And, if we ever discover a new product that works even better, we will eventually change to that instead.

Other websites claimed that their stocks are coming directly from the manufacturing factory thus no middleman cost is added into the product price.
Guarantee Period As stated below, we normally offer a 120-day unconditional money-back guarantee. But, If you feel that you need a longer time, feel free to send us an e-mail. It's just for our records. They claimed to offer longer money-back gaurantee periods.

"Your Purchase is Backed By a 120-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee"

Alright! If it's guarantee you want, we will gladly give it to you. You can order and try OK Ant Killer at absolutely no risk. We are so confident that you will definetely satisfied with our product and keep using it. And even re-order!

Yes, we've GENUINE customers that made re-orders!

For this reason, we offer you a 100% No Questions Asked 120-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not entirely statisfied for whatever reasons, simply return the package for an immediate full refund of your purchase price, even you're left with just a packet. Therefore, you really got nothing to lose!

Still not convinced about OK Ant Killer

Let us give you 4 more reasons why you need to act now.

  • Firstly, the earlier you posses OK Ant Killer ant bait, the quicker you get rid of those pesky ants and the quicker your worries are over.
  • Secondly, OK Ant Killer ant bait is easy to use, environmental friendly and most of all, WE USE IT OURSELVES in our homes!
  • Thirdly, you can order this new improved formula OK Ant Killer ant bait at our special price of US$14.99. A small price to pay if you intend to have a home and its surroundings free from ants infestation.
  • Last of all, if you are not happy with OK Ant Killer ant bait, just return the package within 120 days and we will give you a full refund, absolutely no questions asked! As you can see, there is 0% risk involved.

OK Ant Killer ant bait is sold worldwide and we may not know its legality to sell or purchase in your country or area.

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