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No matter if you are a new or satisfied customer, we thought you might like to see what our other customers are saying about Antbuster.com and our best selling OK Ant Killer ant bait product. We will also bring you more success stories of our recent new improved formula OK Ant Killer ant bait. You can check out our customer comments below and even add your own comments !

Ant Buster

The name of the product is just perfect. I live in Panama and using a pouch a Month I keep my half hectare garden free of ants. I also used one nag on a termite nest in a tree, on the size of 5 soccerballs, cut a small scar on top, emptied one bagh and let be for 14 Days, went back and the entire nest was dead.

Good product.
Thanks, Niels L. Pedersen, Rep. of Panama

Niels Pedersen (Paypal Transaction No. 15H77197YC1827634)
Panama - 7/10/2016


Our order finally caught up with us in Samana, Dominican Republic. Just had to let you know that your product was worth waiting for!!! I had tried EVERYTHING to rid our sailboat of ants. They had chewed our wood and often were found in our clothing drawers. Did I mention that they bit? Frankly, we were ready to sell the boat, they were that bad. One small application and what seemed like thousands of ants appeared to clean up the powder. 12 hours later, there was not an ant to be found anywhere! Thank you so much for allowing us to live aboard again in comfort. I tell everyone aqbout it. Mary Blazina

William Blazina (Paypal Transaction No. 5LG81647H4299163G)
United States - 6/1/2014


I would like to Thank You. Antbuster is the best. I live in the Philippines and I have never seen so many ants. They are ever where, all in your clothes and wash towel, These ants hurt when they bite or sting. All I know is they hurt. Nothing worse is when you put on your pants or your shirt and ants are all over your clothes and then they are all over you biting. All I can say is Thank You very much and I plan to buy more. Antbuster works and it killed millions of ants in our home.

Thank You, Hughes Family

Steve Hughes (Paypal Transaction No. 2JA26700GG2623807)
Philippines - 5/8/2013


Have just ordered my third consignment in the past 6 years, am so impressed with this product nothing in the UK works like this does!!! Within 3 days all the ants have packed there bags and cleared off will use this product all the time!!

Michael Bystrytsky (Paypal Transaction No. 0CW32631GY596963C)
United Kingdom - 5/25/2012


Hi there,
Just received your OK ant killer. For many years we've been battling ants inside and outside of the house. I was quite skeptical about your product, but I decided to take a chance. My son placed a small amount of your ant killer on the kitchen counter on a folded tissue paper. Within minutes, the ants were immediately attracted to the bait. It was quite a sight to behold. It took about a day before we noticed there were no ants in sight. And still to this day we have not seen the ants return. We must have used almost every ant trap on the market with horrible results. Your product is without a doubt, the best I've ever used and it was worth every penny. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone with ant problems.Thank you.


Bill Butosi (Paypal Transaction No. 73D69458NY7437319)
Ontario, Canada - 6/4/2011


I just want to thank you for the ant baits. I don't know where the first batch you sent went, but this batch arrived 8-20-10. I've already used 1 packet with perfect results so far. Thanks again.

Bob Lipscomb (Paypal Transaction No. 4U298845H6326354R)
Baltimore, MD 21221 - 8/21/2010


thank you so much. i just received the packets. looking forward to another order. terrific product! i had some left over from maybe 3 years ago and it still worked!

more power

Angel Llames (Paypal Transaction No. 6WV97764E2623034L)
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines - 5/21/2010


I just have to write and congratulate you on your product, and the speedy and professional manner in which it was dispatched. I thank you very much,it has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Kind Regards

David Burke (Paypal Transaction No. 7VS454469N192435B)
Islas Baleares, Spain - 4/16/2010


Hello. We put down some antbuster as soon as your order arrived. Can't believe that we haven't seen one ant for about three weeks. Previously the house was running alive inside and outside and we only had to leave the suspicion of some food out and we had masses from every orifice you can imagine. Its a miracle. Many thanks.

Margaret Coughtrey (Paypal Transaction No. 0FV75610FJ4831158)
Valencia, Spain - 4/7/2010


I purchased your product in September I begin to use it in October 2009, I went on vacation an when I return home an begin to use the your product., My husband felt that it was a waste of money , but I felt that if I keep using it would work, At first it did not seem to me to be working but as I continue to use it. I saw the ants disappear. But my husband did not say a word he , so one day I was cooking breakfast in my kitchen there was a bunch gather and they are every where so I then decide to follow the instruction and put the bait in the area that the ant was gathering it did not work immediately, but by day 3 they were gone.... are I felt that it was working . that really conformed it for me was when my husband said the " ANTS" are gone . WHEN I KNOW BELIEVER SAID IT " I KNOW IT WAS TRUE".

Thank you, for getting one of my biggest problem solved,I will recommend it to all my friends

Bettye Genwright (Order No. 28871-4132519461)
Lenora, NC - 11/14/2009


Just wanted you to know I just ordered more ant killer as I ordered some 2 years ago and it truly works in 1 or 2 days.Even my husband was amazed.My husband was eating his pretzels he eats every night by his chair and lo and behold there was those tiny ants in his pretzel bag and of corse there was a whole trail of them.I had some ant killer left from 2 years ago and I hoped it was still good and it was.It worked overnight.Then the next day I had a trail on the kitchen counter so I had to use my last sachet and it worked overnight again. This stuff is great.So just wanted to thank you for your product that really works.Sincerely,

Linda S. Cook (Order No. 28871-4110203125)
Beach, ND - 8/1/2009


Success in Thailand

Well folks,

I am impressed. So impressed, your product blows me out of the saddle. I have lived here for 2 yrs, with an infestation of the smallest ants with the meanest bite, I ve ever witnessed. These critters will eat thru an egg shell, and drain a raw egg in less than 8 hrs. They have bitten pin holes in leather upholstery and burrowed into the foam to nest. They have nests between the metal cabinets and concrete walls in the kitchen.They have infiltrated all the electronics equipment we have, shorting out switches and relays.I have tried all the available products here in Thailand, to no or limited success. In desperation and much doubt in the claims with your product, I ordered 12 packets. I opened 2 and put in the highest traffic areas. 24 hrs later, all ants gone in kitchen. Within 5 days, moving the same 2 packets to other locations, all ants in the house are gone. I then moved what was left in the packets, outside on the back porch. 48 hours later; NO ANTS! Even the 32 gallon garbage can, for the first time ever, is ant free. Now I am double amazed in your product; 1), there is not that much in each packet. My first thought was, "Great. what is this lil bit gonna do?" 2) how fast and effective it is. I love the part about ant body parts left. Youre not kidding. I love seeing evidence of product effectiveness. On the metal fence out back against several plants I found where the ants there piled up their dead in a nice dismembered heap. You people ROCK!! Thank you, thank you, thank you,

David Feague
Thailand - 9/8/2008


I was so desperate,I was about to do about anything. My husband said"Why don't you check the internet? And I found your web site and he said "Try it you might like it". Have to say. I've never had anything work so fast at killing the sugar (or sweet) ants. Your product is awsome. I gave a couple of the little pacts to my neighbor,and she said she would order some, too. Thanks.

Eva and Ralph Thompson (Order No. 28871-3949174398)
Franklin, NC - 8/15/2008





Elizabeth Del Rosario (Order No. 28871-3767431499)
Cape Coral, FL - 6/8/2008


Dear Support

just writing to let you know, I mixed the ant bait with honey, and the ants disappeared after 3 days (almost exactly). Except for one lonely ant, he is wandering around the ant hole and I decided to let him live! Thanks for the help, Sincerely,

Julia Zhu (Order No. 28871-3854727843)
Beijing, China - 1/22/2008


This was my second order, I call it a preventive measure because we don't have a problem like everyone else in the area this year. Last year we were overrun with fire ants, and some other nasty little bas%#@%$ that wouldn't touch any other bait. Spraying did NOTHING, I think they were showering in the poison. OK Ant Killer got them all, and in short order too.

My neighbor is now fighting an invasion, so is his neighbor on the other side, and has paid an exterminator $275.00, and has had to call them back twice. He is still fighting. My house is virtually ant free, except a few "scouts" now and then. I gave the neighbor a couple of packets of OK Ant Killer and your address......he WILL be ordering soon. Thanks for a terrific product.

Krieg Close (Order No. 28871-3551595641)
Lantana, FL - 9/7/2007


Hi! I really love your ant product. Do you have a product for flies, or can you recommend some one. thanks again for the GREAT ANT BAIT. From Marion

Marion Tie (Order No. 28871-3741146858)
Townsville, Australia - 7/3/2007


This was the best thing that ever happened to us. The ants disappeared in 3 days and I didn't put it every place I saw them. It is really magical. I would recommend this to anyone who has ants. 100% effective. Thank you.

Janet Austin (Order No. 28871-3554446532)
Spring Valley, NY - 1/1/2007



This a big THANK YOU from Port St Lucie, Fl in the USA. We developed a big persistent ant problem in our home and had tried everything on the market known to man. We were at our wits end until we researched on line and came across the ANTBUSTER, what a wonderful product. It arrived when you said it would and was very easy to use. We were ant free within 3 days, what a relief.

Thanks again,

Bob and Kathy

P.S. Just so people know we developed this problem while in contract with a bug service, who by the way does not work for us anymore, we do our own treatments for the bugs.

Kathryn Springer (Order No. 28871-2577486002)
Port St Lucie, FL - 10/8/2006



Like I'd want a refund???

This stuff just ROCKS!!!!

I used it to wipe out SEVEN colonies in under two weeks, finding out where each colony was sending scouts for food took the longest, and I found that pre baiting an area to get them to go there helped too, then on the fourth day, I hit them with OK Ant Killer, they went NUTS FOR IT, carrying as much as they could get back to each nest. Three days later (as stated)... NO MORE COLONY. It was even fun to watch the little b***tards fighting each other.

Now I can have barbecues in peace without all the food crawling with ants in under 5 minutes. For the first time in FIVE YEARS, my garden is COMPLETELY ANT FREE!! I've used THREE sachets and given the rest to my neighbours. I might just plan to buy a job lot and go round posting one sachet through EVERYBODY'S door with full instructions. Just imagine a whole housing development free of the little critters...HEAVEN!!

Got anything that kills spiders and woodlice en-mass?



Sean Goddard (Order No. 28871-2467867147)
Taunton, United Kingdom - 7/31/2006


How's that for prompt delivery, the Antbuster arrived this morning.
Thank you

Barry Walsh (Order No. 28871-2490442549)
Romford, United Kingdom - 7/27/2006


Thanks for a wonderful product, that honestly works!

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product you have. I started using Antbuster 2 years ago after experiencing ant problems for about 4 years previously. The ants were taking over our home and I found Antbuster and ordered some, followed the instructions and this being the third summer since I have used the product, I'm happy to report that I do not have any ants invading my home this summer. I know they are out their because all my neighbors are complaining about the ants and I tell them I don't have that problem any longer thanks to Antbuster. I am now working on riding my moms home of her ants they are everywhere, but not for long. Thanks again for a wonderful product that honestly works!

GMoore (Order No. 28871-17164126)
Kansas, Oklahoma - 5/13/2006


Hi Guys

My order was placed and delivered within two weeks as promised. Thank you for your expert service.

I would just like to state that I am amazed at the results of using your product. Using just one sachet and within one day not a single ant could be found in my home and after an additional week none were visible outside either. I have given some of my spare sachets to some of my neighbours to try and the all reported similar results. This product is really amazing.
This is the first time in years that my home has been ant free. I would recommend this to everyone who wants an ant free home. Brilliant!

Many thanks

T Carberry (Order No. 28871-29256715)
Dublin, Ireland - 4/7/2005


It is now a year later and we still have NO ants. My daughter in Texas said she had an ant problem so I gave her your web site. I am sure you will be hearing from her. My original comments on your product still stand!! Thank you.

Dave Reedy (Order No. 28871-15057569),
Annandale, USA. (OK Ant Killer™) - 3/20/2005
P/S: Refer to original comments from David A. Reedy below


I just wanted to thank you for providing such a superb product.
My house had been infested with Pharaoh Ants for the last 5 years and in that time I had tried all types of products, including some provided by professional pest controllers.

Everything I'd read about these particular ants indicated that they extremely difficult to control and no matter how many you kill they would re-establish other colonies quickly. I used 3 sachets of OK Ant Killer and within 5 days they had disappeared completely.

I don't normally write reviews because when you pay for a product it should do exactly what you paid for it do. But this was the only product that worked out of the many antkillers that I'd purchased.

Thanks again.

N.Samuel (Order Number: 28871 - 27889592)
Middlesex, London, UK - 3/20/2005

Gentlemen: I had ordered a package of your ANTBUSTER, because we had an
infestation of Carpenter ants. Within 4 days there were dead ants everywhere, and then NONE. Not one.
We had some smaller ants coming in from the garden. With 2 applications on their trail, and one application on the nest outside, in one day they all died.
Amazing. We are impressed with this great product.

WE are interested in marketing this product in the USA. What kind of agreement could be made about such an arrangement. Please let me know if you would consider an agency arrangement.

I am ordering another 2 packets on your web site order page.
Yours Truly,

William Guy (Order No. 28871-17028345)
Myriad Enterprises
10927 Galahad St.,
Boca Raton, FL 33428,
USA - 9/15/2004


This is my third order of 12 sachets.

The first 12 really worked at getting the piss ants (as my mother calls them), however, I've had this ant problem for over 10 years. I tried EVERYTHING on the market and EVERY home remedy I've EVER been told about. This product seems to work the best. I am now on my second order because I haven't quite gotten all the colonies, but I am determined to.

I've just placed another order because it seems a bigger black ant is invading my mom's condo. We'll see how it works there.


Jamie Cox
Clarksburg, MD, USA. (OK Ant Killer™) - 2004


"Gentlemen: On March 25, 2004 I ordered 12 sachets of OK Ant Killer. The order was processed immediately. The order arrived precisely on the date indicated and the application of a single sachet on the counter top apparently rid the premises of ants immediately and permanently. I am amazed. That is probably the most responsive service and the most outstanding performance of any product I have ever purchased. Since I am 72 years old, you can imagine I have purchased quite a few. You are to be commended. I enthusiastically endorse your efficacious product and your responsive customer service. Note that this is only the second time I have written such a letter in those 72 years."

David A. Reedy (Order No. 28871-15057569),
Annandale, USA. (OK Ant Killer™) - 2004


"Do you sell or make anything that go around the outside of the house to kill all the ants there? Before they get in?"

I love your product. Have had ants for years, this is the first thing I've tried that actually did what it said it would do. Amazing.

Thanks for a great product."

Sooner3339, USA. (OK Ant Killer™) - 2004


"We were all so frustrated trying to get rid ot the ants that were trying to take resident in our home. Started in the bathroom, moved to the my master bedroom, then to the kitchen cabinets, the floor and when they were on the kitchen table I had to do something, the rest of the family was looking at me! Well I searched the 'net' and found ANTBUSTER.com. Read the FYI and took the leap to get them out of the house. I should tell you that I was using Windex to kill them and then the ants would call the calvary and really bring the army into the house.

My small package arrived via postal carrier - followed the instructions by placing the powder right in the line of their tracking back and forward and waited for morning to come - COULD NOT BELIEVE IT - NOT ONE SINGLE ANT IN THE HOUSE- the ones outside had disappeared. Now I know that they have gone on to kill themseleves and that queen making them so fast.

I forgot to place the eventful time that it took to see them out our home. TWO DAYS after the delivery date. I went to the garage and the line of ants were just not there! We are very happy I do mean happy people here in Los Angeles, CA
I plan to telling all that will listen.....

Thanks AntBuster you made the JONES HOUSEHOLD BELIEVERS - I am glad that I purchased 12 packets at one time."

Katherine Jones
(OK Ant Killer™) - 2003


"I'm normally somewhat of a skeptic and didn't even want to try your product since I figured it wasn't going to work after trying out other commercial pesticides. Looking back though, I'm glad my friend recommended me to try it. It's really working for me. I used to smear pesticides everywhere in my house. Now, I just need a small portion in one specific area. The product is getting more effective after each application. I'm really looking forward to see if this product of yours can get rid of ants for life."

Celia Morton, Manchester, UK. (OK Ant Killer™) - 2003


"It took what seemed like forever to get here, but I sure can't complain about the results, 100% effective."

Peter Brooks, Joppa, Maryland, USA. (OK Ant Killer™) - 2003


"This is the first time I am writting to AntBuster.com. I've just received my first package of your new improved formula OK Ant Killer a 3 days ago and am using it in my house garage where there are lots of carpenter ants. I think they're gone already. For your info., I have used your previous product before and this OK Ant Killer works the same way. Great work guys!"

David Cheng, Johor, Malaysia. (OK Ant Killer™) - 2002


"I couldn't find a solution for ants after visiting a couple of hardware stores. One of them even referred me to a pest control company who wanted to charge me thousands of dollars. Then while surfing around the web, I found you guys. What a priceless product! You guys actually helped me to solve my ant problems. You have saved me over $1000.00."

Jerry Coston, Ar, USA. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)


"Ants get hallucinated and kill among themselves! I thought this was truely redicious. So, I decided to give it a try. I am pleased that I don't see anymore ants crawling around my house."

Mrs J. Lawson, Tx, USA. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)


"Yours an excellent Website! Only concerntrate on selling one product. Instead, many are selling different brands of the same thing that is so confusing when trying to decide. The best one that I have seen. You are great AntBuster.com!"

Ms Ellen Gibson, Sydy, Australia. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)


"I have had ants for a long time, and have been on a pest control service contract with a local company who could not solve my problem. I found antBuster.com on the internet last month. After using Kill Ants Bait Dosage that I purchased, my ants are gone. Now I have solved my problem and am firing my pest control company."

Pete Mitchel, Fl, USA. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)


"After using it and having seen the results, I personally feel it's a small price to pay if you're thinking of the safety to your love ones."

Brandon Keast, Qld, Australia. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)


"I can't believe you guys exist ! This is the product exactly what I have been looking for. And your price made up for the effectiveness of your product"

Joe Astor, Tn, USA. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)


"I always experience the problem of ants, especially red ants attacking my farm and my home. There was never a product that is a amazing as yours. Now, with your product, I think have taken care of them."

En Moktar Othman, Brunei. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)


"I am a married housewife and I spent most of my mornings doing my garden. But I always keep my distance from our fruit trees because of numerous big red fire ants. Besides, my kids that plays under those trees occasionally gets stung. This made me worried and it doesn't do much good telling them not to go near there. So, I decided to look for some cheap solutions through the internet and found AntBuster.com. I must say it is a good product. Now, I am also using it inside my house to get rid of ants in the kitchen."

Patricia Leong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)


"I would like to say thanks to you guys at AntBuster.com. Your ant bait product sure is working coz after the second day, I don't see anymore ants crawling around my kitchen. Now, I'm using the ant bait in other areas of my house.

Edward Callary, Fl, USA. (Kill Ants Bait Dosage™)



If you would like to share your success story and get it posted, email us at: support@antbuster.com

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